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American Mensa renewal process

Have your membership number ready. You can find it on your membership card or on the back of your Mensa Bulletin or Local Group newsletter.

Renew Online at American Mensa

If you’ve misplaced your membership number, please contact an American Mensa Member Services Representative at 888/294-8035 ext. 199 during regular business hours.

The Mensa membership year begins April 1 and ends March 31.

If you renew now your membership will extend through March 31, 2015.

Annual dues are $70.00 unless specified in a multi-year or life plan. Memberships for additional Mensan family members are available for $47.00/membership and may only be purchased in single-year increments. Additional Family Memberships do not include subscriptions to the Mensa Bulletin or to Local Group newsletters. Additional family members must live in the same household as a primary member and must be members of the same Local Group.

You may also pay by check or money order by sending your payment ($U.S.) to:

American Mensa
PO Box 916088
Fort Worth
Texas 76191-6088

Please include your member number with your payment.
Joining Members: If you recently qualified but haven’t paid your first dues payment, please use the American Mensa form for joining members instead.

By accepting membership in American Mensa, members agree to abide by all the requirements of the Constitution of Mensa, the Bylaws of American Mensa, Ltd., and the resolutions adopted by the American Mensa Committee, as required by section III.C.1.a. of the Constitution of Mensa.

American Mensa’s membership process verifies renewal eligibility. Because of this, each member living at the same address must be processed separately when processed online. If you would like to renew multiple household members living at the same address, please contact a Member Services representative at (817) 607-0060 ext. 199 or return your full payment to the National Office.