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The American Mensa Admission Tests are given for the purpose of admission into Mensa and not to quantify intelligence. A score at the 98th percentile on either of the two tests qualifies an applicant for Mensa membership. A qualifying score indicates that the applicant tests at, or better than 98 percent of the general population. American Mensa will release membership qualification only. No further information on test scores will be released.


You will receive a response from the National Office within two to three weeks of receipt of your testing information.


You are allowed to take the Mensa Admission Tests only once. If you do not qualify on the Mensa Admission Tests or if English is not your native language you may take our culture fair battery once.


American Mensa accepts the scores of approximately 200 tests for those individuals who do not qualify for Mensa membership via the Mensa Admissions Tests. These alternative tests include the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, Stanford Binet and various Wechsler scales.
For more information about accepted tested and how to submit these scores, please visit our Web site ( www.us.mensa.org/joinmensa ). Information on acceptable tests and guidelines for submitting them as prior evidence can be found there.

Membership in Mensa is open to anyone who has scored within the top 2% of the general population on a supervised intelligence test, (recognized as such by the International Psychological Association or a national psychological association). There are approximately 200 tests accepted for membership. For information about some other tests and scores that American Mensa accepts, please see the Qualifying Test Scores link on the Join Mensa Page on the American Mensa, Ltd. website. www.us.mensa.org

If you do not have prior evidence of eligibility, you may qualify by taking two tests at a Mensa-sanctioned supervised testing session. You must be age 14 or over to attend a session. A Mensa testing session, which consists of two tests with a short break in between, usually lasts under two hours. If you are dyslexic, if your primary [first] language is not English, or if you have a physical condition that prevents you from taking a timed test, you may be eligible to take the Mensa non-language battery of tests, also known as the culture-free version. The cost of a Mensa testing session is $40. For a list of testing dates: https://bostonmensa.org/membership/join/

The American Mensa Admissions Tests are given for the purpose of admission into Mensa. A score at the 98th percentile on either of two tests qualifies you for Mensa membership. Note: American Mensa does not release test scores.

The geographic area of Boston Mensa covers eastern and central Massachusetts except for most of Bristol County.

For all other membership questions, such as how to renew, rejoin, or change your address, please contact:

American Mensa, Ltd.
1229 Corporate Drive West
Arlington, TX 76006-6103

You may also call (817) 607-0060 or (800) 66-MENSA (message and information line only), send a fax to (817) 649-5232, send an email to American Mensa, Ltd., or visit the American Mensa, Ltd., webpage. The final authority on admission matters rests with the American Mensa, Ltd., national office, under the aegis of the American Mensa supervisory psychologist. The material presented on this page is for informational purposes only, is non-binding, and is subject to change without notice.


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